Procurement-as-a-Service: One Approach to Meet the New Expectations of Stakeholders Nancy Clinton -

Our new paper looks at where procurement is going - exemplified by the contingent labour sector

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Hard Brexit? Stuart Burns -

As article 50 is set to be invoked

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BuyerQuest: Vendor Snapshot (Part 1) — Background and Solution Overview

This brief provides facts and expert analysis to help procurement organizations make informed decisions about BuyerQuest and its capabilities.

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PRGX: Vendor Snapshot (Part 3) — Summary and Competitive Analysis

This brief covering PRGX offers a competitive analysis and comparison with other technology providers in the spend analytics and supplier management areas.

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PRGX: Vendor Snapshot (Part 2) — Product Strengths and Weaknesses

This brief explores PRGX’s strengths and weaknesses to help procurement organizations decide whether PRGX is the right fit for their needs.

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